It’s no secret that life at Palm Island Plantation is already a relaxing retreat, but with time spent isolated and away from family and friends for the past several months, it makes things hard no matter what your surroundings! Even when things start to open back up, many summer activities and events are still effected during the pandemic. With increased time at home a reality for the foreseeable future, here are some helpful tips to keep your space fresh and relaxing to create your own social distanced oasis.

  • Let in light. Keep the blinds open and increase natural light. To increase the light and airy feel of darker rooms, hang a mirror to help reflect light.
  • Create a cozy, airy space. Sometimes, increased time at home can lead to more home projects! Have you been getting an itch to redecorate? Making a home cozy and airy can be as simple as a change of décor. Add in light fabrics with curtains and bedding that make a room feel bigger or add throw pillows or fresh flowers to add new details.
  • Make the most of your outdoor space. Whether it’s a poolside retreat or just a bistro table on the porch, it’s important to get fresh air! Take advantage of whatever outdoor space you have. Enjoy a morning coffee during the peaceful, quiet hours to start the day, or unwind before bed with a drink.
  • Take this time to experiment with new foods. Maybe you’re not ready to venture out to your favorite gourmet restaurant just yet, but in between takeout, experiment with new spices and flavors in the kitchen! Palm Island Plantation boasts some incredible kitchens, so make use of yours!
  • Enjoy activities. Escape through the pages of your favorite book. Enjoy your oasis at home and continue to use this time to slow down and enjoy life. Take a walk or head to the gym to stay active. Play an online game with friends or family or just take up a new hobby. Whatever it is, it’s important to keep the body and mind active.

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